The First
Indestructible Token

The first law of thermodynamics: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed

Our Selling Points

A Stake in our Planet

By helping grow new sources of clean energy generation you are part of a renewed drive towards Netzero

Social Impact

Heal our planet and bring clean renewable power where it is most needed

Power to Earn

Save for your future with a token that represents 100kWh of clean energy

Decentralization of energy generation and transmission

Netzium in your wallet means you are helping your planet, your country and your community to transition to netzero as soon as possible.

Revolutionary Innovation

The Netzium token is the first algorithmic energy token backed by the ultimate real world asset: energy. Pegged at 100 kWh of renewable energy.

Make Your Reservation

Netzium are available to reserve in four EPC packages. The EPC, or Empowerment certificate, records the original ownership of Netzium tokens and grants the holder defined rights and rewards.
Social Impact EPC
50 NZM Energy Backed Tokens
Providing power to emerging markets. In association with EleaTek, giving transparency to social funding.
Universal EPC
500 NZM Energy Backed Tokens
Everyone is welcome to join the energy revolution. The Universal Netzium reservation is available in an EPC package of only £100 GBP - allowing anyone to have a stake in our future.
Friends & Family
Genesis EPC
25,000 NZM Energy Backed Tokens
The exclusive Genesis EPC package gives very high stakeholder engagement, including 7,000 shares assigned to you in our parent company as well as a Netzium token reservation.
Energy Transition EPC
10,000 uAEIR Energy Transmission Tokens
Facilitating the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the Exchange Netzium EPC package offers stakeholders an assignment of shares in our innovative Hong Kong-based exchange that bridges petrochemicals and renewable energy assets. It includes a significant allocation of Universal AEIR Tokens, and grants preferential access to an assignment of 1000 future wireless shares of the Sync Energy Transition Exchange (Hong Kong).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Netzium?

Netzium is a revolutionary project and token that accelerates the adoption of carbon-neutral energy solutions globally. Each Netzium token represents 100kWh of clean energy, facilitating the tokenization of the ultimate real-world asset: energy.

How does the Netzium ecosystem work?

The Netzium ecosystem finances renewable energy projects, like solar farms, by leveraging market finance with capital raised through Empowerment Certificate (EPC) sales and the associated NZM tokens. Token holders can stake their tokens in energy pipelines, earning rewards as the pipelines generate energy. Tokens are bought back by Netzium at a fixed rate, ensuring liquidity and utility within the ecosystem.

What is a pipeline?

A pipeline is a collection of renewable energy projects under a particular category. The current categories are Utility, Datacenter, Commercial, Residential and Social. These represent different production profiles, sizes of installation, risk profiles, etc. The purpose of the pipeline is twofold:

1. to give token holders a place to gain rewards for their purchase, and
2. to ensure that Netzium tokens are lit up (utilized) as part of the ecosystem, thus ensuring that there is token circulation and utilization and avoiding one of the common problems of other token types.

See this FAQ for additional information: How does the Netzium ecosystem work?

What is an EPC?

An EPC, or Empowerment Certificate, records the original ownership of Netzium tokens, granting holders certain rights and rewards. In some cases this may include an assignment of shares in one of our companies or a particular reward on sale of tokens. Of course, early EPC holders get preferential rewards, just like you would expect.

How can I get involved with Netzium?

You can join the Netzium movement by subscribing to our newsletter, participating in community discussions, and reserving your EPC packages and tokens before the official launch.
Discover the blueprint of Netzium's vision in our Litepaper. It outlines our strategic approach to revolutionizing renewable energy with Web3 technology.
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Staking Your Tokens

Once our power generation pipelines are up and running and generating power, you can pledge your tokens. When you pledge your tokens in a pipeline, you earn more tokens. Each of your tokens lights up across time as clean power is generated and you receive a fixed reward rate. Each pipeline has a defined rate, which you can view in advance. The smart contract for the pipeline automatically rewards you and transfers the additional tokens to your wallet. The longer you stake your tokens in the pipeline, the more tokens you are rewarded with. The slider below illustrates how this might work.
Stake tokens and earn up to 12x Netzium token value reward
3 Month Lockup
6 Month Lockup
9 Month Lockup
12 Month Lockup

Power Generation and Transmission Pipeline






Installation of 50 MW and above
Projects that harness renewable energy sources to generate electricity at scale, contributing to the grid's stability and reliability
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Meet Our Team

As part of Sync Neural Genesis AG and AEIR, both based in Lucerne, Switzerland, Netzium leads in renewable energy innovation. Under CEO Himesh Patel's leadership, our team pioneers sustainable, transformative solutions. Discover more at AEIR.
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